Greg Poehlerfrère to Amy—premieres his new sitcom, Welcome to Sweden, tonight at 9ep on Comedy. And like his character on the show, Poehler actually lives in Sweden—where it's already winter again.

Whitney Cummings' stand-up special, I Love You, premieres this Saturday, July 12 at 10ep on Comedy. Cummings may have found success as a comedian, but she's no Drake.

And you can watch Kurt Metzger's comedy special, White Precious, next Friday, July 18 at 1:30am ET. Let's assume he arrived at the taping driving this:

Stephen Colbert—and The Colbert Report—are still on vacation. And he's been spending his time off the way any red-blooded American would: by going pyro on some Ken dolls.

Amy Schumer is also on hiatus from her show. Which means she's basically just spitting out Plan B jokes on autopilot at this point.

This Chris Hardwick tweet isn't actually funny. But it shows what a nice, stand-up, friendly, positive, cheerful dude he is.

Yesterday it was announced Seth Rogen and his filmmaking partner Evan Goldberg would be named Comedy Directors of the Year at the Just For Laughs Awards this month. It's because of jokes like these, folks! 

And Nathan Fielder—who was just named the Just For Laughs Breakout Comedy Star of the Year—tried to live tweet the latest episode of Nathan For You—which airs live just for you on every Tuesday at 10:30ep on Much. Turns out live tweeting is hard.