Stephen Colbert is a big fan of the World Cup because it allows him to separate pharmaceuticals from countries. Which is complicated, let's face it.

Greg Poehler—Amy Poehler's brother whose new sitcom, Welcome to Sweden, premieres July 10 at 9ep on Comedy—actually seems to know about soccer. In that he knows that no one in his country cares about soccer.

This Saturday at 10ep, you can catch Dennis Miller's stand-up special, America 180°, by tuning in to Comedy. Here's an example of the sort of high-brow insider art jokes he may or may not (probably not?) be telling during the show.

The second season of Nathan For You premiered on Canada Day—and you can watch online by hopping over to the Much website. In this tweet, Nathan Fielder schools his American followers on the harsh realities of life in Canada.

Comedian/vlogger/author/cute person Grace Helbig won @midnight last Thursday. But she was not a winner on a recent trip to Forever 21. 

Did you know that Doug Benson has the second-most @midnight wins ever? (We're assuming you don't know that. Why would you or anyone know that?) He achieved this lofty title through lots of hard work, concentration, and doob-smoking.

Jim Gaffigan seems to be getting excited about his gala show at the Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal on July 27. Which is cool. But we're more interested in this concept of Poutineland. Is it a real thing? What is it? How can we go there? Can we go there right now, at this moment? Give us poutine, Jim Gaffigan!