For those of you who are extremely upset that The Daily Show is on a two-week hiatus, put down that crowbar and step away from whatever it is you’re about to smash and listen to the new Daily Show podcast!

Aptly titled The Daily Show Podcast without Jon Stewart, the show is a behind-the-scenes peak at the writers, producers and correspondents who make the TV show, with in-depth looks into segments, interviews and the staff itself. The first episode is hosted by head writer Elliot Kalan and correspondent Jessica Williams, who chat with producer Sara Taksler and writers Jo Miller and J.R. Havlan. Despite the name, new episodes will premiere every week with rotating pairs of hosts with each episode running about 20-30 minutes long.

“It’s hands down the funniest, most behind-the-scenes podcast you’ll ever listen to with half your attention while you do other stuff,” says Jon Stewart.

For all you composers out there, the podcast is inviting listeners to create unique covers of The Daily Show theme song, which you can upload to SoundCloud or YouTube using the hashtag #MyDailyShowTheme in the title. If you’ve already thought of farting a version out, keep in mind that’s likely everyone’s first instinct.