Comedy’s exclusive airing of Seth Rogen’s Hilarity For Charity special is right around the corner (August 31 at 9ep) and to get you excited (and to drill it into your memory) we’ll be teasing out clips all week long!

If you’ve ignored all mentions of the special so far, here are the essential facts:

  • The hilarity is great, but what's really a big deal is the charity. Hilarity For Charity was started by Seth and Lauren Rogen to inspire change and raise awareness of Alzheimer’s disease among the millennial generation. Check out the website and consider donating. You won’t even have to dump a bucket of ice water on your head before doing so.
  • It was taped last July at Just For Laughs in Montreal.
  • It features an amazing lineup of today’s best stand-up comedians.
  • It’s got an appearance by Joseph Gordon-Levitt singing dreamily in French.
  • It’s got a finale that rivals the best Canada Day celebrations in history.

To start things off, we’ve got a clip from Al Madrigal, The Daily Show’s Senior Latino Correspondent, despite the comedian being a third-generation, half-Mexican. You’ll hear a whole story about Madrigal being a “latino” comedian on Sunday, but in the meantime here’s a taste of another story he tells about a piñata and the shitty kids who were there to bash it in: