It seems like just yesterday we were watching Jimmy Fallon deliver a beautiful and touching monologue during his first night as the host of the iconic Tonight Show. Actually, it was February. Time flies.

Fallon hit his 100th episode this week and to celebrate, we’re looking at his 10 best moments as host of The Tonight Show.

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10. Jimmy’s $100 Tonight Show Bet

For those viewers who were first introduced to comedian Jimmy Fallon during his debut as the host of The Tonight Show, they got a little taste of what the SNL alum had in store for his reign. Jimmy’s first skit as host of the series included his famous friends paying their $100 bet after he proved them wrong and scored the Tonight Show. Who are some of these friends? Everyone. Literally, everyone.


9. Jimmy Sets An Ice Cream Date

The jig is up that late night shows aren’t actually filmed live or late at night, which makes it even more exciting when something off the cuff happens. For example, while performing his monologue about Tinder, Fallon noticed a young woman who was very excited about the dating app. Naturally, he grabbed the woman and her single friend and sent them off on an ice cream date.


8. Water War with Lindsay Lohan

For those of us (guilty) who couldn’t look away from the train wreck each week that went by the name Lindsay on the Oprah Winfrey Network, it seemed that the troubled starlet was doomed to ruin her career. Kudos to Fallon for giving Lohan the opportunity to be a guest on his show, where she looked happy and healthy for the first time in a long time.


7. Photobombs with Celebrities

Whether it’s racing around the halls or photobombing people from the Top of the Rock, Fallon makes use of his studio at 30 Rock.


6. Pros and Cons

We love the weekly segment that has Fallon showing the Pros and Cons of a situation. Here he is listing of reasons to RSVP ‘yes’ and RSVP ‘no’ to Kimye’s wedding.


5. Fallon Faboys

One of the many things that makes Jimmy Fallon so likable is that he’s a big a fan of music as the rest of us, evident here in his interview with the surviving members of Nirvana.


4. Ragtime With Jimmy Fallon

One of the greatest things about Fallon as a host is his ability to convince some of the biggest celebs in the world to do skits that likely sound crazy at first. For example, getting Academy Award winner Kevin Spacey to perform a Ragtime version of Jason Derulo’s Dirty.


2. That Time Jennifer Lawrence Beefed with Fallon

…And it was so good.


1. Jimmy Fallon Performs With Crosby, Stills and Nash

I mean, come on. It’s sooooo good.