The new trend in TV theme songs seems to be moving towards a lot of orchestral pieces with little or no lyrics. You’d be hard pressed to find a primetime show nominated during this year’s Emmys that features the next Remembrandt’s I’ll Be There For You or Phantom Planet’s California.

We are in the era of the dramatic and silent theme songs, though some have been given lyrics that we can never un-hear.

Last night’s Emmy Awards thankfully honoured the unofficial year of Weird Al and invited the comedic musician to give his own spin on the theme songs from some of this year’s nominees, making us laugh, while stating the obvious at the same time. Jon Hamm has never won an Emmy, but he gets to be Jon Hamm. George RR Martin needs to write faster. Don’t get attached to any characters on GoT. Clare Danes does a lot of ugly crying in Homeland. True dat.

Check out Weird Al, with a little help from Andy Samberg, as he breaks down this year’s Emmy nominated shows. So many boobs.