Starting September 22, the boys of late night will be getting a new baby brother in the form of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, who will enter the world kicking and screaming and making everyone stay up later than usual. It’s going to be a beautiful moment, but until then we should cherish life as it is and remember this brief period before our household changes forever. So let us take a deep breath, pour a mug of summer cider (watermelon juice and pool water) and enjoy The Daily Show and The Colbert Report on their own. Here are the guests who be making our memories memorable:

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

Pretty surprised that Ban Ki-moon will be talking about very serious world issues on Wednesday and not promoting his new comedy album, “UN McGregor”.

MONDAY: Adam Levine lead singer of Maroon 5 – promoting new album “V” (Repeat)
TUESDAY: Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, D-NY & author – promoting book “Off the Sidelines: Raise Your Voice, Change the World”
WEDNESDAY: UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon
THURSDAY: Tavis Smiley host of PBS’s “Tavis Smiley” & author – promoting book “Death of a King: The Real Story of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s Final Year”

The Colbert Report

Jason Segal wrote a book? What’s next, a comedy album from UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon? 

MONDAY: John Lithgow, Film, "Love is Strange"
TUESDAY:  Jason Segel, Author, "Nightmares!"
WEDNESDAY: Henry Kissinger, Author, "World Order"
THURSDAY: Lonn Taylor, Co-author, "The Star-Spangled Banner: The Making of an American Icon"