The people of Toronto head to the polls today to choose a new mayor and despite Rob Ford dropping out of the race in September, residents can still elect a Ford by choosing Rob’s brother Doug. Much like his bigger, younger brother, Doug’s been a very polarizing figure in city politics and if he does become mayor Toronto is likely in for another four years of insanity at city hall. While this doesn’t sound too appetizing for many Toronto residents, the rest of the world would love to witness more Ford hijinks from a comfortable distance and John Oliver is one those people.

On Last Week Tonight he urged Toronto to choose the elder Ford for the benefit of everyone who doesn’t live in the city. It’s a bit like wishing that your favourite reality show stays on the air no matter how morally reprehensible, so while Toronto hopes Ford politics go the way of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, everyone else is praying for another long-running hit like The Bachelor. If you are a non-Torontonian who wants to the craziness to continue, show them this video!