It’s hard to believe that our journey on Jimmy Kimmel’s Do You Have What It Takes? has almost reached its end. On last night’s new episode that premiered during Jimmy Kimmel Live!, we got to know the final four who got some tutorship from their celebrity mentors.

First up is Swaggy-T who wants to be an actor in action movies and is fluent in English. He claims he knows a bit of Spanish but after a test from Jimmy it’s revealed that he needs to work on it. It might not matter though because according to Swaggy’s grandma, he’s got “it”.

We also get a chance to see Nadir at his place of an employment and according to one of his customers, he seems nice. Will this cool attitude translate into victory?

The pressure of the competition is getting to Maria who apparently has a hard time talking. Thankfully, mentor Chilli gives her a yelling exercise that she responds quite positively to.  

And finally, Carter (our favourite) gives a tour of his house and brings us into his tiny bedroom, which he appears to share with at least four others, one of whom can dance blindfolded.

In the next episode we find out who has what it takes on the Do You Have What It Takes? finale airing during Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Wednesday December 3.