We all grew up loving Rachel, Phoebe and the gang on Friends and the last thing we can imagine are the characters saying filthy things to each other. But just in case you’re wondering what that would look or sound like, take a look at Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow playing Celebrity Curse Off on last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live.

The two had one simple task: hurl as many curse words at each other as possible. And there were definitely some creative ones used such as d*@k licker, un&#$carriage eater and pr*#k c@#k. They even went as far as venturing into different languages! Don’t know what some of those terms are? We wouldn’t suggest you Googling them. In fact, please don’t look them up.

Watch the video below and see who won the curse off! Tune in to Jimmy Kimmel Live weeknights at 11:35ep on Comedy!