This is kind of a contradictory contest. On the one hand, we’re giving away an 80 inch Sharp Aquos Quattron+ television, but we’re also giving away free pairs of tickets to see Horrible Bosses 2 in big screen cinemas. What a quandary! With an 80 inch Sharp Aquos Quattron+ television, will you ever actually really need to go out to the movies ever again? The answer is: only when it’s free.

Entering the contest is easier than saying 80 inch Sharp Aquos Quattron+ television five times fast. Between right this minute and November 26, all you have to do is go to this page and fill out the really simple form. Now do we have your attention?

In case you live on some weird planet in that galaxy they travel through a wormhole to get to in Interstellar, HB2 (are they not calling it that?) hits theatres November 26. It stars Jason Bates and Sudeikis, Charlie Day, Jennifer Aniston, Kevin Spacey, Jamie Foxx, Chris Pine, Christoph Waltz, Key and Peele's Keegan-Michael Key, and even more people who are probably better than you. Now here’s a piping hot trailer from the internet oven: