Being a guest on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon is a big, big deal. Not only are you cemented in Tonight Show history, but you may get to play a game of Box of Lies, Wheel of Impressions, Facebreakers, or one of the other 30 amazing games the staff of The Tonight Show have developed. Seriously, give these people a Nobel Peace Prize already.

Comedian Stephen Merchant and actor John Krasinski are taking their appearance on The Tonight Show one step further. The two entertainers were so inspired their time lip syncing with Fallon that they’re creating a Lip Sync Battle, a silent singing competition to air next April on Spike TV. We’re so there.

Krasinski’s wife and actress Emily Blunt is helping to create the show, which will be directed by former SNL director Beth McCarthy-Miller. Merchant and Krasinski plan to appear on the show’s premiere, because they obviously really, really love lip syncing. A host for Lip Sync Battle is still to be announced and it’s unclear whether the show will only feature celebrity performances or include us common folk as well.

When first hearing this news, our initial thought was, really? An entire show of people lip syncing? But then we remembered this.

And this.

And 110 per cent this.

So ya, we’ll watch Lip Sync Battle. In the meantime, check out Jimmy Fallon inspiring more reality shows on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon weekdays at 5E/2P on Much.