The holiday season is upon us and that means one thing – time to be nice to others and give thanks. KIDDING! Time to stress about gift-buying obligations. Where are these three Wise Men we keep hearing about?

Still need to buy a last minute gift for someone and you literally have no ideas? Here are 10. You’re welcome. We’re saying ‘you’re welcome’ now because you may not thank us at the end.

1. Useless Box Kit

Get your best friend in the whole world/casual acquaintance a Useless Box Kit. It does nothing.

2. A Partially Used Gift Card

A partially used gift card says ‘hey, I could have used this all on myself, but then I thought of you’.

3. Bagel and Cream Cheese Ring

Does the person you’re buying a gift for like food? Have they eaten a bagel before? Maybe one with cream cheese? Here’s the perfect gift for them!


4. Magnet Kit

Does your gift receiver own a metal object? Maybe a piece of paper they’d like to display on this metal object? Don’t buy them any old magnet. Buy them a Magnet Kit! What could be more fun than spending hours making something that you could buy in its finished form for a dollar?



5. Infectious Disease Ball

Bet your friend can’t say that someone has ever given them the Bubonic Plague, can they?


6. Zombie Apocalypse Defense Water

The Walking Dead would have finished after one episode if Rick Grimes had a friend nice enough to give him this gift for Christmas.

7. Shark With Frickin’ Laser Pointer

Again, that’s “laser”.
8. Pregnant Cat Lady Shirt

Does your friend like cats? Do they like babies? Do they wear shirts? Done, done and done.


9. Mini Ant Farm In a Bottle

Your friend is getting older, so why not give them the gift of responsibility with a Mini Ant Farm In A Bottle?