We’ve been building hype the last little while regarding Bell’s new streaming service and today full details and its top secret name were finally revealed!

No, we’re quite sane. Starting December 11, you'll be able supercharge your entertainment lifestyle by subscribing to CraveTV for only $4/month, giving you full, on-demand access to more than 10,000 hours of premium, non-kids, TV content, representing more than 600 unique titles. Already subscribed to an overpriced streaming service? Don’t freak out because at launch, CraveTV’s catalogue will feature 65% exclusive content with new stuff added every week on #iCraveFridays.

CraveTV delivers to subscribers access to the service on the platform of their choice, including on their traditional on-demand service via their set-top box. In addition, CraveTV will be available at launch on iOS, including Airplay, as well as Android handsets and tablets via the CraveTV app, and online at CraveTV.ca. And early next year CraveTV will be available on the Xbox gaming consoles, Windows 8, Windows Phone, Samsung Smart TVs, and Chromecast. 

CraveTV has got something for everyone except those who don’t like awesome things, but all you comedy fans will be spoiled the most. With exclusives like the complete Monty Python and Seinfeld, all your Comedy Central favourites, classic sitcoms and premium HBO content like Curb Your Enthusiasm and stand-up specials, you’ll never have to borrow your brother’s poorly-maintained DVDs again.


For more information, head over to CraveTV.ca and check out our previous post about the full comedy slate. If you need to alter your Christmas list to include CraveTV, you can remove that slow cooker, they're not as good as people say.