If you haven’t heard of the TheFineBros, you haven’t been surfing the internet enough. For their latest creation, they got none other than movie bros Seth Rogen and James Franco (soon to be starring in this month’s The Interview) to test their gaming skills on a retro-style, also not really real, video game based on the criminally cancelled cult series Freaks and Geeks, where the two first met and costarred in 14 years ago.

Rogen and Franco (who doesn't not look a little bit like Super Mario here) appear legitimately impressed with the choose-your-own-adventure game’s attention to detail, which leads to plenty of amusing banter about their experiences working on the show.

The duo was somewhat less awestruck with the graphics: Franco doesn’t think he looks like his game avatar and they clearly didn’t make Jason Segal tall enough.

Still, they were pretty blown away by the band practice scene, featuring a chiptune-y rendition of Cream’s “Sunshine of Your Love.” The only inaccuracy of that sequence is bandmate Shaun Weiss wearing his Mighty Ducks jersey—wrong franchise/timeline, but hilarious addition nonetheless.

Also worth noting is that the game’s title screen allowed them to play as “Geeks,” but they opted for “Freaks.” Perhaps Martin Starr, John Francis Daley, and Samm Levine can give that version a whirl.