Listen up, guys: Proposals are tough and often times scary, but this man has just set the bar unreasonably high for you. David wrote to Jimmy Kimmel asking for his help to set up a rather strange, but ultimately romantic proposal that required his girlfriend to go on a fake scavenger hunt on Kimmel’s show.

Kimmel obliged (because he’s the best) and pretended to choose David’s girlfriend Sandra at random in order to send her off to the streets of Hollywood to find random items including a celeb cardboard cutout (she picked up a Nicki Minaj), a Christmas tree topper and the Hollywood Blvd Elmo (secretly, David was the Elmo in disguise).

Upon returning, David reveals himself, takes out the ring from the tree topper and goes on to drop on one knee and propose. Watch the clip below to see the whole thing unfold and CRY YOUR EYES OUT. Seriously, you’re gonna need some tissues while watching this clip.

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