It is no secret that Nick Kroll has if not a love for Canada than definitely an obsession. Okay it is a love. He has paid a playful homage to our country on Kroll Show playing Brian La Croix, pop star and actor on the Degrassi-esque teen show Wheels, Ontario. And if we could speak for the entire country, we could not be more flattered.

He also acknowledges all the ways that Canada is different than America, and may we say, better. No we shouldn’t say better. Too boastful.

One big way that we are different is how we celebrate Christmas. From recounting the tails of St. Timothy Horton to saying our sorries to hanging our Christmas golashes, Brian with his co-star Gene Creemers teaches American viewers all about our very familiar traditions. We don’t know about you but plain spaghetti and wet socks are at the top of our Christmas list. Wait, we don’t have a Christmas list. We should never ask for anything. No fancy baubles for us!

Check out the rest of the sketch from Comedy Central’s All-Star Non-Denominational Christmas Special below.

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