It was less than a month ago that we said “Goodbye, okay?” to The Colbert Report and Stephen Colbert’s alter ego, “Stephen Colbert”. Between then and now we’ve all had to cope with a severe lack of Stephen on our TVs and while some of us dealt with it by crafting a life-sized Colbert out of ham, others have waited patiently for news of the human Colbert’s return. Today, as the ham has reached the phase where it has started to grow hair (mold), fans got a much needed ray of hope after CBS announced that the Late Show with Stephen Colbert will premiere on September 8, 2015.

"I have nine months to make a show, just like a baby. So first, I should find out how you make a baby," Stephen was quoted as saying via this Tweet.

The final episode of 
The Colbert Report is still available to watch right here on for a limited time, so fire it up before it’s too late!