Last year, a supposed new track by Super Bowl halftime performers the Red Hot Chili Peppers was leaked prior to the big game, which had Pepper Pals across the globe more excited than Anthony Kiedis on California’s birthday.

Turns out the song was a big hoax by comedian Jon Daly, but despite getting the wool pulled over our league-approved facemasks, the Chili Peppers still rocked the house and everyone went to bed that night with a smile on their face and a pepper under their pillow.

Katy Perry will be performing at this year’s Super Bowl halftime show with the help of Lenny Kravitz and like last year, a new track has surfaced that we could be hearing in Arizona this Sunday. Leaked by comedian/actor Tim Heidecker, the track features a Katy Perry-sounding female vocalist singing about football and how it makes her feel over pop instrumentals. Since there’s no way Heidecker could make his deep male voice sound like this, it could very well be the genuine article. Listen for yourself!