Remember Ed Hardy? It was a clothing brand dedicated to skulls, flowers and sparkles that made fashion designer Chirstian Audiger a ton of money and a cult following among the tanned and stupid set. Also taking advantage of the brand’s time in the spotlight was Nick Kroll whose Hardy-wrapped character Bobby Bottleservice became a big star thanks to his adventures with fellow Ed Hardy Boy, Peter Paparazzo (Jon Daly), on Kroll Show. Watch Kroll on last night's Jimmy Kimmel Live! talk about his and Daly’s trip to the Ed Hardy compound where Grand Theft Auto villain Audigier offers to make a movie with them and falls hilariously off a golf cart:

Kroll also addressed the third and final season of Kroll Show, admitting that it doesn’t make much sense to end a show at the height of its popularity. He also talks about the amazing cast of the show including this season’s biggest star, reality show legend Chris 'CT' Tamburello of MTV’s The Challenge

The FINAL season of Kroll Show starts January 13 at 10:30ep over on Much!