Now that a month has passed since the final episode of The Colbert Report, it’s time for the grieving process to end. If you miss those daily visits to Colbert’s studio, we have good news and bad news: his successor is shooting in the same studio, but the sets have been torn down and replaced. The Nightly Show premieres tonight and, while host Larry Wilmore has Daily Show origins in common with Stephen Colbert—since 2006, he has been the show’s “Senior Black Correspondent”—his series is a very different animal.


Like The Daily Show, each episode begins with a series of jokes and observations about current events. Changing things up (and drawing on the influence of Bill Maher’s Politically Incorrect), Wilmore follows this with two segments of heated discussion with a panel of “dangerous” guests. While many of these panelists will be respected comedians, the host’s aspirations go far beyond punch lines. “I’m not doing a show where I’m setting up comics to do jokes,” he told  The New York Times. “What’s driving this is, we’re finding things out, we’re making discoveries.”
Of course, humour is still an important part of the equation, as you can see in the show’s on-set clocks, which list unconventional locations like East St. Louis, The Villages, and “Obama’s Birthplace.” A seasoned comedy veteran, Wilmore worked as a writer and/or actor on a number of iconic shows (The Facts of Life, In Living Color, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, The Office), eventually winning an Emmy for The Bernie Mac Show.

For tonight's series premiere, Wilmore rounded up a panel (senator Cory Booker, rapper Talib Kweli, and comedian Bill Burr) that has no trouble delivering the show’s intended mix of laughs and political provocation. “This is my barber shop,” says Wilmore. “No matter how heated it gets, we’re all in the barber shop—we’re having fun. Nobody is ever threatened in the barber shop. But your point of view is going to get challenged. And we’re going to call you on your sh*t.”
The Nightly Show airs Monday to Thursday at 11:30pm on Comedy. Watch episodes online here!