The second installment in a new series of DIY comedy specials called Comedy in the X was released online recently, this time taking place in an alley in Toronto. Comedy in the Alley is the follow-up to Comedy in the Basement and though the venue is once again non-traditional and likely very damp, series creators the Brothers DePaul package it beautifully with slick shooting and editing from Greg Francis. It also helps that the lineup of diverse local comics is as strong as the first go around.  

Joining the enthusiastic, alley-dwelling crowd are some of Toronto’s finest, including host Jordan Foisy (who curated the lineup), Todd Graham, James Hartnett, Chris Robinson, Steph Tolev and Dawn Whitwell performing short sets split into two, allowing the special to flow nicely from one bit to the next. Now that it's covered alleys and basements, it anybody’s guess where the series is headed next, but we think a cave would be a logical next step.

If you’re totally into what these DePaul Brothers are up to, check out their website that also contains a food and comedy podcast called Back of the House and a blog full of interviews and other tasty treats.