Today came reports that husband-wife-correspondent duo Jason Jones and Samantha Bee’s sitcom pilot got ordered to series over at TBS, leading smart people everywhere to exclaim, “good for them”, “those guys rule” and  “I coulnd’t be happier for them”. Seconds after these utterances, those same smart people probably said something like “but what about their jobs on The Daily Show?”. Well, according to Jason Jones’ official Twitter feed, it looks as if JJ is going to make a full-on move to the world of sitcoms, leaving fake news behind:

Jones is going to star in the new show with Bee writing and producing, which will hopefully mean she'll have time to do both and not devastate us like her husband just did. With Jon and now Jason now leaving, who knows what The Daily Show will look like one year from now?  If we had to wager a guess, we’d put our money on it looking much like it does now but with more computers. Stay tuned for more Daily Show news!