What do you get for the departing Daily Show host that has everything? The Fox News Channel headquarters, an economy-size canister of gasoline, and box of matches would be pretty thoughtful. Failing that, a giant novelty card is probably be the next best thing. That, and a pile of cash to donate to a cause close to his heart.
On the occasion of Jon Stewart’s retirement from his 16-year post at the helm of our favourite fake news program, fans are being asked to send along their well wishes by contributing to
a Tilt campaign that’s raising funds for Parkinson’s disease.
Stewart’s personal connection to the illness stems from a close relationship he had with his high school English teacher, Selma Litowitz, who died from Parkinson’s in 2005. He credits her with being one of the first people to recognize his talent and encourage him to pursue a career in comedy.

The fundraiser is spearheaded by superfan Nicholas Francis and will run until just before the host’s final appearance on the Daily Show at the end of the current season. Stewart has, for a decade and a half, writes Francis, “looked us straight in the eye and spoke truth with compassion… In a way, Jon Stewart has been a voice of reason in a chaotic world that's obsessed with misrepresentation.”
Contributors to the campaign will get their names printed on a giant card that will be delivered to Stewart the day before his last show. That, plus the added bonus of that warm fuzzy feeling you get when you give a little something to charity. All funds will be donated to the
Parkinson's Disease Foundation.