The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

If you were one of the millions of Canadians who spent last week crying and hiding under the couch because The Daily Show wasn’t new, you can now reemerge, take a shower and snort some multivitamins because Jon is back tonight. We’re particularly “juiced” for Wednesday’s episode when Conan sits down to talk about his recent trip to Cuba. Expect the jokes between Jon and Coco to fly like ashes from Castro’s cigar as he stands on a windy cliff, gazing north toward Florida and its luscious oranges.

MONDAY: Christine Lagarde, Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund
TUESDAY: Lynsey Addario, author – “It's What I Do: A Photographer's Life of Love and War” 
WEDNESDAY: Conan O’Brien - "Conan" Goes to Cuba
THURSDAY: Olivia Wilde, actress – “The Lazarus Effect”

The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore

Larry’s also back this week but as usual we’re not sure who’s going to stop by, which is actually pretty good because it makes every night feel like Christmas, with the guests representing the gifts, Larry representing Santa and his in-studio reindeer representing Santa’s reindeer. Here’s a quick look back at the last bunch of new episodes in case you have amnesia and need a refresher:

**UPDATE** the Internet reports that Monday's guests will be Martin Short, Big Sean, Frank Rich and Tara Setmayer talking about what it means to love America. Cool!

Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Jimmy’s Mash Up series concludes tonight with an insane partnership between hip hop’s Warren G and horn-based sleep music’s Kenny G. We haven’t heard such a crazy combination since egg-flavoured Pepsi.

MONDAY: Kobe Bryant, Music from Warren Kenny G (Mashup of Warren G and Kenny G)
TUESDAY: Will Forte, Bella Thorne, Music from Prince Royce
WEDNESDAY: Will Smith, Elizabeth Henstridge, Music from Sam Hunt
THURSDAY: Viola Davis, Richard Madden