Finding an artist who promotes Canada more than Drake is a near impossible task. The Toronto based musician has always kept his home and native land at the forefront of his music career. From supporting fellow Canadian musicians like The Weeknd and P Reign, to bringing his annual OVO fest to Canada, to naming his albums after the T Dot, to becoming ambassador for the Toronto Raptors, to hosting the Juno Awards, it seems like there’s never a moment when Drake isn’t wearing his country on his sleeve.

We also can’t forget that a young Aubrey Graham spent seven seasons starring on the most well-known Canadian show of all time. Drizzy’s been at it for years.

A few weeks ago, a parody Twitter account @DrakeHeritageMoments was started and took monumental events in Drake’s career, such as his first time hosting SNL, and made them into mock Heritage Moments.

For any Canadian growing up in the 1980s or 90s with a TV in their house or classroom, Heritage Moments are a big part of our childhood.

We saw how James Naismith’s first version of basketball took forever because he wasn’t allowed to put a hole in a farmer’s peach basket.

We relate smelling burnt toast with Wilder Penfield.

We know PEI teacher Kate Henderson fought to teach her class to read even though their parents ‘could not read a word’.

Was anyone else nervous that Emily Carr would chill in the middle of the forest by herself to paint?

And remember when Jenni Trout fought to become a doctor and ripped off a piece of paper covering a drawing of genitals and threw it at a male student? So badass.

So yeah, we all know Heritage Moments. And we all know Drake. Historica Canada, the people behind the Heritage Moments, decided to mash up the two and create a video of some of Canada’s most historically important figures rapping Started From The Bottom. Learning. Is. Awesome.

Heritage Moments returned in 2012 after a seven-year leave of absence. Historica Canada has announced three new videos this year alone. May we suggest The Motto as the next mash up? Nellie McClung seems like she would have been down with the YOLO mentality.