The journey to become the President of the United States begins at birth when God sprinkles his magic sand into the crib of the chosen one. Heading into the 2016 election we have no idea who the lucky baby is, but yesterday we found out who it might be when Calgary-born Texas Senator Ted Cruz announced he’s entering the ring.

Such a momentous announcement requires a lot of preparation and before the students of Liberty University were forced to file in and watch it, Cruz took to the stage to practice his speech, his waves, his hugs AND his kisses. As Jon Stewart pointed out on last night’s Daily Show, it seems a bit silly to practice kissing one’s wife but the legally unionized Samantha Bee and Jason Jones stepped in to defend the Cruz missile:

If there are more candidates like Ted Cruz we should be in for a very hilarious Democalypse 2016, especially as we watch from a safe distance here in Canada. It’s strange to think that Jon won’t be our Daily Show host once the election really starts heating up and ultimately goes down but we’re positive that whoever replaces him will do just fine. *Sigh* Here’s last night’s full episode: