Today is the first day of spring and we here at Comedy Digital can’t wait to leave our stuffy office and fill our lungs with fresh, and even rotten air, so long as it’s warm. The problem is that we can’t neglect our jobs and stop providing you with incredible digital content unless we get some help, which is why we’re looking for a servant intern!

We’re looking for someone who’s brilliant, subservient and interested in a career in digital media to gain experience and help us do all the stuff we don’t want to do. You’ll also have the opportunity to leave your mark on our other specialty brands like Space, Much and MTV, just in case you get really bored. You should be the type of person who eats movies, TV, pop culture and whole grains for breakfast and be able to totally school us grandpas and grandmas on the latest tech and social media developments.

The internship will give you the opportunity to write blog posts, pitch stories, come up with interview questions, and likely more depending on how gullible you are. Term lengths are flexible but we’re hoping you’ll put up with us from May all the way to August when we’ll be ready to hole up inside for another long winter.

To be eligible you must receive school credit for completing the term. It is a non-paid position, unless you consider the payment getting to work in a historic downtown building, gaining valuable experience alongside our top notch and pleasant-smelling staff and probably getting a whole bunch of free stuff that nobody else wants.

So break out your favourite piece of word-processing software, type out some truths about yourself and send us an email with your resume attached. The worst thing that could happen is we’ll write a blog post about all the bad resumes we receive!