Call her the Madonna of comedy. Sure, Tig Notaro has a last name, but like the popstar, she hardly needs it. Since a unique 2012 standup performance radically altered her life, Notaro—sorry, Tig—has become a legend (if it’s a legend you’re unfamiliar with, check out the backstory in This American Life’s What Doesn’t Kill You podcast). 
Kristina Goolsby and Ashley York, the two filmmakers behind a new documentary about the comedian, obviously agree. Titled simply Tig, the movie first screened at Sundance earlier this year to glowing reviews. Now Hot Docs has announced that the film will be the opener at North America’s largest documentary fest, with Tig on hand for the premiere.
“Tig Notaro’s story shows us what it means to be a creative person when life gets difficult, and how intertwined identity and humour can be in the face of overwhelming challenges,” programming director Charlotte Cook told media yesterday.  "It's a film about, when life gets in the way of the creative process, how you can persevere and carry on,"
added Hot Docs executive director Brett Hendrie. Word out of Sundance is that it’s also really funny. The doc tells the story of an incredibly difficult period in Tig’s life, but it’s infused with her dark and dry brand of humour.
The Toronto festival will screen a record 210 docs this year and Tig won’t be it’s only funny film on offer. Hot Docs’ comedy program, Show Me The Funny, will also feature ex-Calgarian Robert Cohen’s documentary, Being Canadian. The comedy writer, who defected to the US as a teenager and whose credits include The Big Bang Theory and The Simpsons, has made a film that attempts to define our national identity (or discover whether or not such a thing actually exists). Over the course of his exploration, Cohen interviews a host of other showbiz types, some more Canadian than others.
Rounding out the program are films like Monty Python: The Meaning of Live, a doc that takes fans backstage during the reunion tour the troupe put on last year, Live From New York!, a look back at four decades of Saturday Night Live, and Raiders!, which follows two Indiana Jones superfans who devote seven years to a shot-for-shot remake of Raiders of the Lost Ark.
Hot Docs kicks off April 23 and runs until May 3.