When Jordan Klepper joined The Daily Show a year ago, he was a baby-faced boy of indeterminate age. Since then he’s established himself as a reliably hilarious correspondent and has apparently reached legal drinking age, if this tweet is any indication:

If you’re at all jealous of Kevin Hart’s success and ubiquity on this website, you'll probably feel better knowing this:

Hannibal Buress’ Gibberish Rap is rooted in light-hearted comedy, while Iggy Azalea’s makes us question the idea of success and the music industry in general.

The cast of The Walking Dead is on Jimmy Kimmel Live tonight and hopefully Jimmy will bring up what The Nightly Show’s Mike Yard has already noticed:

If there’s one thing in the whole world Jeff Ross wouldn’t dare make fun of, it’s bagels:

Jimmy Kimmel has been in Austin all week and has taken full advantage of its world famous meat-heavy culinary scene. A recent meal led to some confusion though:

Did you know that you can watch Important Things with Demetri Martin any time you want? If you’ve never seen it, this tweet is pretty much what it’s like: