Yesterday a candid video of Jaws 3-D star Dennis Quaid quickly spread over the Internet like mayonnaise over a pizza slice. It spawned millions of shares across social media, and emails between friends like this hypothetical one:

Dear Larry,

WHATS UP PLAYER. Have you seen that video of Dennis Quaid swearing like crazy on the set of some movie or whatever? Guy, it’s so funny, pure jokez.

Doesn’t seem real though eh? Yo I bet jimmy kimmell did it right? Like he’s always going around and tricking us, no respect. I don’t like being taking advantage of dogg. Check it out tho. If that’s real then that crybaby shouldn’t worry about anything but his mansions and caviar lol. Peace guy, I’ll see you at the pond tomorrow, bring your scuba mask.

- Grib
So are the rumours true? Did Jimmy Kimmel engineer this viral classic for his, and Dennis Quaid’s gain? Not one to let controversy simmer, Jimmy took some time out his show last night to set the record straight and warn people not to jump to conclusions. Here it is:

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The truth has been revealed! Turns out it was those no-good tricksters at Funny Or Die who were behind the whole thing. Here's what really went down on set that day: