What is time? What is fate? Whatever they are, they probably have something to do with outer space. Yesterday on The Tonight Show, the cosmos winked its immense purple eye and brought together Louis C.K. and Jimmy Fallon for a meeting, the seeds of which were sown many moons ago when Louis was casting the legendary Dana Carvey Show. It’s all explained in the clip below but for the sake of literature we shall explain.

Jimmy was once a wide-eyed, tight-butted young comedian with dreams as big as the bald spot developing on a then relatively unknown Louis C.K. Fallon was auditioning in front of Louis for a spot on Dana Carvey’s new sketch show and though the female employees of the show were all for the guitar-slinging little boy, Louis and fellow writer Dino Stamatopoulos were fervently against him. Ultimately their opinion carried more weight and the cosmos selected a different path for Jimmy, a path that ended at The Tonight Show and worldwide adoration. Louis of course followed his own path to stardom and they can both now laugh about how many cars they can afford. The End. 

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