The White House Correspondents' Dinner is some sort of annual evening meal, probably held in Washington, where White House staff and the press get drunk and fat while watching comedians make fun of how bad everything is. We didn’t bother to confirm these facts, and that coupled with a lack of U.S. political coverage on this blog (with the exception our four-part exposé on Benghazi), meant we weren’t invited AGAIN this year. Thanks to heresay and Internet technology we did get word that there were some funny, comedy-related moments that are worthy of your attention.  

We’d like to highlight the following moment, where our own Keegan-Michael Key took the stage as President Obama’s anger translator, Luther.  Normally, Key’s counterpart Jordan Peele plays the role of Obama, but since Obama himself was there sippin’ gin and lickin’ beef alongside the vultures of the press, it made sense for the real Pres to flex his comedy chops, creating a rather surreal moment.

Watching Key up there with the real Obama in front of the famous White House Correspondents' Dinner cardboard backdrop almost looks like some sort of computer-generated Internet hoax, but as far as we know, it’s real:

While we’re here, we should also mention that SNL’s Cecily Strong headlined the evening and brought big, political laughs, taking on Fox News, Brian Williams, Obama, and pretty much every other hot-button political issue facing our downstairs neighbours. Watch that too: