Every year The Daily Show hands out the ‘Mercun Award, which honours the news story that best captures America’s essence. Judges Samantha Bee and Jessica Williams were on hand to analyze and rate the three finalists before announcing the big winner.  This year’s shockingly non-Floridian finalists are:

From Pittsburgh: A man brought a gun to church and it goes off after the trigger got caught on the man’s pants.

From Georgia: A man tried to shoot an armadillo but the bullet ricocheted off the animal’s back, hit a fence and traveled through his mother-in-law’s trailer to strike her in the back.

From New Jersey: A man cannot sue Appleby’s over claims he got burned by his sizzling skillet while praying at dinner

Wow, three very worthy candidates, all of which practically scream “‘Merca!”. Find out who won below!

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