Contrary to popular belief, April Fools’ Day is not the favourite day of the world’s best pranksters. First of all, a real professional utilizes the art of surprise in their pranks and because April Fools’ is an annual tradition, stealth is not an option. Second, it opens the doors for amateur pranksters to make mischief and get back at all the pros for the pranks of the previous year, meaning real deal pranksters have to spend the day constantly looking over their shoulder.

Jimmy Kimmel is one of the world’s foremost pranksters, making him a big target for those looking for a gag. This year, Barbados native Rihanna stepped up to the plate to prank the prank master and though her premise was simple in nature, it still makes for some good laughs and a very shocked Jimmy. Check it:

As an ambassador of pranks, Jimmy couldn’t sit idle on April Fools’ Day and using his considerable powers as a public figure, he once again encouraged America to mess with each other, causing much more cumulative chaos than anything he could do by himself. That’s the mark of a true pro. In his latest YouTube challenge, Kimmel got people to prank their loved ones by pretending to prank them. It’s a beautiful set up that led to some hilarious reactions:

Jimmy Kimmel Live is on Comedy tonight at midnight with guests Jason Statham and Jalen Rose and music from Brian Wilson, who once pranked America by lying in bed for 3 years straight.