The warm and sunny weather that has slowly been replacing the dog crap that was last winter is a welcome change for most warm-blooded creatures, but with it comes a silent force of evil that has the potential to mildly disrupt the nicest of days – POLLEN.

Allergy sufferers have been nervously waiting by their radios for news of how this year’s plant orgy will affect their noses and eyes and unfortunately, the news isn’t good. Most major news outlets are forecasting a “pollen tsunami” that has itchy-eyed nose drippers running to their nearest pharmacy to load up on relief, but as The Daily Show found out, perhaps the pollen report is as overblown as it’s been every year.

If you don’t suffer from allergies and are totally sick of people complaining about it and getting snot on everything, enjoy the rest of last night’s Daily Show where the FIFA corruption scandal is discussed and Rosabeth Moss Kanter discusses her book Move.