If the complete Inside Amy Schumer was blasted into outer space and retrieved by a race of genderless aliens, they’d get a pretty clear picture of what life is like for women in the 21st century, provided they have the technology to play DVDs. But if the following sketch from tonight’s new episode is to be believed, it’s likely that aliens don’t exist because the universe is not a random assortment of matter concerned with harbouring life but rather a “force sending cosmic guidance to white women in their 20s”.

Famous Science guy, Bill Nye the Science Guy, joins the program to talk about this recent breakthrough with the help of Amy, Abbi and Ilana of Broad City and other white women who use the universe as their own personal dream board. Please watch and share so that all of humanity will be privy to these exciting and startling developments.

That sketch and the rest of the episode will be available for viewing at 10:30ep tonight on Comedy and will feature equally scientific bits about Amy riding a mechanical bull, stealing a credit card and defending Bill Cosby.

Here’s last week’s full episode for all of you who don’t have cable anymore and won’t shut up about it: