Every gossip hound and news goose who follows entertainment has likely been salivating and honking loudly at the prospect of Jon Stewart divulging juicy tidbits about past Daily Show guests and correspondents once he hangs up his suit and tie in August. In an article from today’s New York Times, the first of what will hopefully be a geyser of behind-the-scenes secrets was revealed, but rather than make anyone look bad, this secret will only help cement Stewart as America’s most respected fake news proprietor.

The article explains how for the past three years Stewart has run 5-week long boot camps for U.S. military veterans to help them get a job in the TV industry.  He kept the program a secret to avoid over-publicizing it but now that he’s on his way out he’s urging other shows to do the same thing. Some might view this as a strange move for a guy who heavily criticized the Iraq war, but Stewart has always maintained support for the troops while condemning those who put them out there in the first place. 

It’s a great read complete with success stories from veterans who’ve gone on to work on The Daily Show and who are “way less whiny” than non-veteran staff.

Speaking of whining, if you’ve been irritatingly vocal about a recent lack of new Daily Show episodes, shut up! The show returns tonight at 11ep with a brand new episode featuring guest Rand Paul who will not be promoting the incredible American flag he made yesterday out of popsicle sticks and Corn Flakes, but rather his book, Taking a Stand: Moving Beyond Partisan Politics to Unite America.

Let’s watch the last episode of the show from May 14 so we can accurately track how grey Jon’s hair has gotten over an almost two week span: