If you weren’t born in the nineties or later you probably have no idea that some of the biggest stars in youth entertainment today reside on YouTube and not on POGS or kids versions of popular magazines.

Just as we old people enjoy making fun of “old technologies” like CDs and tapes, millennials have been quietly mocking us for utilizing ancient forms of entertainment like the flat screen TV, and enjoying the talents of old timey movie stars such as Jennifer Lawrence and Tom Hardy.

Just who are these YouTube stars and what do they do? We’re not sure, but our buddies at MUCH seem to have figured it out and are now dedicating a large chunk of their fancy new website to some of Canada’s top YouTube stars.

One such star is a gentleman named Jus Reign who is known for his hilarious bits about race from a Desi-Canadian perspective. He recently sat down with our own Paul Lemieux for a hard-hitting interview on The Late O'Clock News where the two talk about their shared dislike for white people before solving racism altogether. Way to go, boys!