It’s been a couple months since we enthusiastically announced our new series, Letterkenny, and every time we find ourselves clicking over to the Letterkenny page to watch the web shorts for the millionth time, we can’t help but get antsy. Thankfully our OCD was momentarily calmed today with news that the show has officially started shooting in Sudbury, armed with an amazing cast!

To bring you up to speed, Letterkenny is based on Letterkenny Problems, the smash hit web shorts starring Jared Keeso and Nathan Dales as Wayne and Daryl, two country boys dealing with everyday life in their hometown of Letterkenny, Ontario, whose residents are either Hicks, Skids or Hockey Players.

With shooting now underway, the half-hour, six episode series has rounded out its cast with Michelle Mylett playing Wayne’s sister Katy, Motive’s Tyler Johnston as Stewart, the town’s lead Skid, and 19-2’s Alexander De Jordy as his sidekick, Devon. Lisa Codrington will play Gail, a bartender at a bar called Modeen’s, director Jacob Tierney will step in front of the camera as a Christian leader named Glenn and the hilarious K Trevor Wilson has signed on as Wayne’s buddy, Dan.

Then there’s previously announced Hockey players Jonesy and Reilly played by Dylan Playfair and Andrew Herr who are lookin’ like a real couple of beauties in the locker room in the main pic at the top.

We’ll keep you posted on any Letterkenny developments throughout the summer and until then you should do as we do and watch these over and over again.