Nick Kroll was in town promoting his new film, Adult Beginners, and between stops at respected Bell Media properties like The Social and CTV News, we somehow tricked him into to sit down for an interview with our very own Paul Lemieux. By “somehow” I mean we told him there was a room full of hot dogs and hamburgers, which he eagerly entered only to find our intrepid host waiting with a bunch of questions and no food.

The two-part interview is one of the biggest and most intense talks in The Late O’Clock News’ rich 500-year history. It starts off innocent enough with Kroll comparing himself to Emilio Estevez, and his new movie to less important films like 12 Years A Slave:

Things heat up considerably in part two where the conversation shifts to poutine and the Ford brothers’ red penises before Paul tries to get Nick to talk about Avengers: Age Of Ultron, which is when things go completely off the rails.

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