Ever since we started covering The Daily Show on this now legendary blog, we’ve had to stop ourselves from using honey bee words and analogies when discussing our favourite correspondent, Samantha Bee. But since last night was Bee’s final Daily Show before doing her own thing over at TBS, we thought we might as well let pollen fly and just go for it.

Bee started out as a worker on The Daily Show back in 2003 and quickly became queen of the correspondents with her stingingly funny segments and field pieces.  As you’ll soon hear Jon explain, they found Bee in her home hive of Canada, robbing us of the sweet honey she’s been producing for American drones over the past twelve years. But the New York-based Daily Show gave Bee the chance to bee herself and comment on social issues that were important to her in a totally hilarious and endearing way. We’re not sure if she would’ve got that opportunity had she stuck around the great white north and became the third member of Steven & Chris.

In true Daily Show send-off fashion, Bee was celebrated with a good dose of classic clips and a teary final goodbye.  Canada, enjoy your final glimpse of the sweet honey that is Samantha Bee. Sam, may you continue to pollinate entertainment for years to come!

Here’s last night’s FULL Daily Show featuring some classic lampoons and American politics and media and an interview with another non-Canadian queen bee, Kristen Wiig!