Back in the early 70s Helen Reddy had a number one hit with “I Am Woman” that quickly became a feminist anthem. Around the same time, late night cable TV’s Terrific Women were so taken with the song that they dedicated a whole show to recording their own track meant to inspire and encourage fellow members of their sex.

Like most musical successes in the 70s, the Terrific Women’s path to stardom was lined with drugs, fighting, break-ups and triumphant reunions, as well as guidance from a hotshot British producer named Perry Hartnett. Watch the saga unfold before your eyes and enjoy the result of two women who don’t know how to play instruments or write songs--the Women’s hit single, “We Am Women”.

Catch Terrific Women’s Sara Hennessey this season on Just For Laughs: All Access and on her new stand-up album, Trouble In Saradise. And be sure to delve into the amazing work of fellow woman Steph Kaliner and man James Hartnett!