The best thing about hilarious people making movies is that they usually bring other hilarious people on board to make the whole thing mega hilarious. Think about it—Star Wars would be funny enough with just Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford, but throw in slapstick mastermind Sir Alec Guinness and you’ve got one of the most memorable laugh-out-loud movies ever.

Anyway, according to a Hollywood report from The Hollywood Reporter, Jordan Peele and Keegan-Michael Key are aiming to make Keanu—their soon-to-be-shot movie about a lost cat named Keanu—the funniest movie of all-time with the addition of Will Forte.

The repot claims that Forte will play “a low-level pot dealer obsessed with black culture, though Peele’s character is the only black person he knows.” Since he’s never done anything unfunny, the Vegas odds on this movie being amazing are now… uh… whatever they are so that it’s a guarantee? We don’t gamble so we’re not sure how all that works.

But it’s safe to say we’ll be investing our hourly wage of $2 and a packet of sunflower seeds on seeing the film as soon as it hits theatres. It starts shooting in New Orleans this summer and will also star Method Man as a drug lord and Gabrielle Union as Key’s wife.

Let’s watch a random episode of Key & Peele in honour of this excellent news. May the Forte be with you, always: