In celebration of Canada Day we ranked the ten provinces and three territories purely based on looks. Some might consider this mean-spirited, but with so much sex appeal spread across our fair land, there are no losers!

13. Nunavut

Made up of several Northern islands and a decent chunk of mainland, this newcomer ain’t exactly top model material. But in true Canadian fashion, this territory makes do with what it’s got and looks stunning during spring thaw when brilliant whites mix with vibrant greens to create an outfit that anyone on our list would envy. 

12. New Brunswick

You probably wouldn’t give NB a second glance if you passed it on the street, but when you look deeper and get to know it, it loosens up to become a VERY sultry province. 


11. Newfoundland and Labrador
Two for the price of one? Yes please--or “no thanks” if you’re into monogamy. These two may not be the most shapely but when you’re looking for a kinky experience like no other, get all up in the double fun of Newfoundland and Labrador. 

10. Northwest Territories

A perfect fit for those who like unique beauty. Big hips and disproportionate borders make the Northwest Territories the poster-child for a new kind of beautiful. 

9. Quebec
Large and in charge, Quebec is a bit rough around the edges but makes up for it with its signature French charm. This is the ideal province for someone who values brawn over beauty and is looking for a mate who plays by their own rules. 

8. Nova Scotia
This little beauty seems shy but has a wild side lurking beneath its small frame. Nova Scotia is very close with its maritime neighbours which has led to some steamy Atlantic nights. 

7. Yukon

No other province or territory is as triangular as the Yukon, making it an exotic flower in the garden of the Dominion. The Yukon looks great in a pair of heels and can effortlessly move from daytime to nighttime looks by simply highlighting its rivers and streams. 

6. British Columbia


Tall, dark and handsome, B.C. offers strength and power but isn’t afraid to show off its softer side when it flashes a peak of Victoria. This province is as burly as the lumberjacks who helped tear it to shreds!

5. Ontario

It’s wide, long and powerful. With its Great Lakes, Ontario is perfect for those who love to get wet and wild. It’s ideal for a crazy night out but don’t expect a phone call the next day. 

4. Manitoba

The gateway to the west isn’t as poised as Alberta but it still gives us lots to look at. Manitoba’s shape is welcoming with a touch of je ne sais quoi, perfect for those of us looking for a mate who is bound to age gracefully. 

3. Alberta

Those who like a slender waist and a little heft up top are likely fans of this western province known for producing our country’s best beef. Choose this cow if you’re in the mood for lust but watch your back if you fall in love because Alberta has been known to break hearts. 

2. Saskatchewan
Scientists say that beauty is based on proportion, which is why this wheat-covered stunner is in at number 2. With perfectly even proportions, Saskatchewan is classic sexy. Lovers of large mountains need not apply though, because Saskatchewan is flat as a board.  

1. Prince Edward Island

This dainty little number has been attracting potential suitors for years with its bangin' hips and sexy red mud—it also doesn’t hurt that it’s surrounded by wetness. P.E.I. proves that size doesn’t matter!