Since Chris Locke is one of our favourite comedians, we’d like to take this opportunity to promote his Mini Donuts Mini Tour (starting tonight in Toronto) with a blog post complete with all the bells and whistles. What do most blog posts start with? CONTEXT.

Chris is a stand-up comedian from Toronto who’s known for his wildly original life perspective and jokes about cats and the world’s most delicious foods. He’s won major awards such as the Canadian Comedy Award for Best Male Stand-Up 2014 and NOW Magazine’s Best Male Stand-Up 2012. You’ll be able to see him on an upcoming episode of Just For Laughs: All Access season 3 alongside Hannibal Buress, Sara Hennessey, Arthur Simeon and Paul Varghese.

Next we should get into specifics, so get out your monocle and absorb these important details about the tour:

Wednesday, June 3rd:
Fozzington 6 (Homebase kick off show!)
The Ossington.
61 Ossington Ave.
9 PM.

Thursday, June 4:
Theatre Ste Catherine
With host Darren Henwood.
264 Sainte Catherine Street East
9 PM

Friday - Saturday, June 5 & 6:
The Comedy Explosion!
The Gladstone Theatre
910 Gladstone Ave

Sunday, June 7:
The Princess Café
46 King St N.

Today’s blogs rely on easy-to-digest lists to catch the eye of would-be readers. Here’s a quick “3 Reasons To Go See Chris Locke’s Mini Donuts Tour” you can show to your teenaged son:

1. He’s bringing along special guests Tom Henry and Ian Gordon, with Mark Little joining the boys on June 5 in Ottawa for a headlining set.

2. There will be actual mini donuts provided.

3. Topics will range from Indian food to pizza to cats to hiking in the desert and more!

Finally, we need a multimedia component so please enjoy this videographic proof of Chris being funny: