We Canadians love any attention from our southern neighbours who for years have made us jealous of their movies, TV shows, glamourous celebrities and high schools with lockers that are OUTSIDE. But for the last couple of decades America has gone from a country of envy to a weird place where half its citizens and ninety-seven percent of its politicians seem kind of bonkers.

Maybe it's always been this way but we were too distracted by our own awe to realize. While Americans are like that guy who hasn’t changed since high school, we’ve grown up to become pretty cool dudes we can feel comfortable expressing our own opinions rather than chuckle alongside our older brethren who’s been using the same burns for years.

For example, the following video from College Humor that’s meant to promote their upcoming Comedy Music Hall of Fame thing stars a bunch of Americans using the same tired Canadian stereotypes to imagine what a Canadian rap diss video might look like and it’s of our opinion that the humour is rather stale.

Get it? We say "sorry" a lot.

There’s nothing wrong with you if you find this funny because it’s your right as a free citizen of Canada but be honest—you’ve seen and heard it all before, right?

If you’re reading this, America, please reach out to some of the thousands of Canadian comedians and writers who live in your towns, observe them and come up with a fresh way of mocking us. Nick Kroll and South Park managed to do it and they’re as American as sky-high obesity rates. We’d love to help you out by tossing some fresh stereotypes your way but in our minds we’re all a bunch of beautiful, intelligent, faultless progressives who are very difficult to mock. Maybe that’s the problem. Sorry!