Here’s a riddle: I am two comics talking about a book about a young comic talking to comics. What am I?

Answer: Last night’s Daily Show interview with Judd “Benefactor of Rudd” Apatow!

If you answered correctly, your computer now has access to our exclusive, web-only extended version of the puny on-air interview, which should be visible below this mound of rambling text. Most of the interview concerns Apatow’s new book, Sick in the Head, which contains interviews he did with his comic heroes when he was 15 as well as new interviews to ensure you won't be buying a book written by a teenager in 1982.

You’ll also hear Judd give Jon tips on getting back into stand-up and a couple mentions of Trainwreck, the upcoming Amy Schumer movie that Apatow directed in an attempt to obtain every talented young comic in the world.

He’s kind of like a Pokémon trainer, eh? Like he “caught” all those old comics for interviews and now he’s catching young comics to make movies for. You guys into Pokémon? Man, should’ve given this entire post a Pokemon theme but I think the riddle off the top sets things off nicely. Oh, sorry, right, the interview.

Check it out! At the end the pair discuss Jon’s final run of shows and share the kind of emotional moment that Jon is hoping to avoid: