What’s up potential mates? I’m a ruggedly handsome, 200 word blog post about a web-exclusive extended interview with Aziz Ansari from last night’s Daily Show.

I’m an easy-going post whose interests include promoting The Daily Show, the opera and getting you to watch the video where Aziz talks about his new book, Modern Romance, which he researched and wrote with a professor of sociology.

My favourite show is The Daily Show, my favourite comedian is Aziz Ansari and my favourite book is Modern Romance. I thought it was strange that such a silly boy would write a serious book about dating in today’s digital age but after I watched the video it all made sense!

If you like what you see and are interested in getting to know me better, drop a comment below and maybe you can throw me onto a laptop and take me out to dinner with you. I don’t eat anything so I’m a cheap date, lol. You will need to find some Wi-Fi though so please do your research before selecting a restaurant. And no, I don’t own a rice cooker—hehehehe you’ll see what I mean after you watch the video! J