Now in the final months of his run on The Daily Show, Jon Stewart is feeling a little more spontaneous than usual. Last night, he put the jokes aside for several minutes to offer a heartfelt rant about the Wednesday shooting at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina.
“I didn’t do my job today,” said Stewart. “I apologize. I’ve got nothing for you in terms of jokes and sounds, because of what happened in South Carolina. Maybe if I wasn’t nearing the end of the run or this wasn’t such a common occurrence, maybe I could have pulled out of the spiral. But I didn’t. And so I honestly have nothing other than just sadness once again that we have to peer into the abyss of the depraved violence we do to each other and the nexus of a gaping racial wound that will not heal, yet we pretend doesn’t exist.”
He briefly appeared to grasp at reassuring sentiment, only to settle on a more realistic conclusion. “I’m confident though that by acknowledging it, by staring into that and seeing it for what it is… we still won’t do jacksh*t. Yeah, that’s us. That’s the part that blows my mind.”
Watch Stewart’s complete statement below.